Thursday, April 08, 2010

Animation offers opportunities to all

It will be more appropriate to consider animation as convergent media because it finds application in cinema, television and digital media. A medium that finds application in so many places also offers numerous job opportunities. The animation education sector is making very fast progress and this has resulted in the emergence of many animation training institutes.
It is imperative to realize at the onset that animation is a fine blend of technique and talent, which only an experienced hand can nurture and teach. The first step is to identify the talent and asses the level of aptitude, after which the right kind of training programme should be suggested to the student. A diploma in animation is the entry level programme in the world of animation education. The catch in animation diploma is that it is suitable for freshers as well as for experienced professionals. You must be wondering why experienced professionals? Well from experienced professionals, I am referring to individuals who have picked the tricks and trade of animation all by themselves and now require guidance in order to streamline their bundle of energy and knowledge.
A fresher after completing an animation course can always go ahead and enroll in an advanced diploma in 3D animation, if he or she desires to take up a job even that is on the cards. Animation diploma offers reasonable opportunities in cinema, electronic and digital media. Cosmopolitan cities offer numerous opportunities, a recent survey has noticed that there is a steady increase in the number of animation artists in Delhi, the reason is that lot of aspiring animation students are coming down to Delhi from the surrounding areas of North India. It is very common to come across advertisements in newspaper about 3D animation diploma in Delhi.
A 3D animation diploma will fetch students jobs in advertising agencies, production houses and e-learning centres. You must be wondering how e-learning centres are related with animation? Well the answer is that animation elucidates the information and knowledge that is transferred online. This results in better comprehension of students and more success of the e-learning programme.

Animation Diploma in Delhi

Animation and architectural walkthrough

Walk through and animation facilitates architects to allow clients visualize the true perspective and beauty of a building with life like colors and textures to get that “WOW” effect. It clears all ambiguity about the final outcome of a building, which is always a case of concern with 2D drawings.
From concrete finish to glass or wooden finishes, walk through and animation give clients the freedom to visualize and select the final product at will. 3D drawings also play an integral part in architectural walk through. 3D is very helpful with complex surface areas and volumetric calculations to help determine the cost of materials used. The best way to elucidate the aforementioned gift of animation is to evaluate a project. Supposedly there is an old building standing in a particular area and a construction company is planning to pull it down and raise a residential and commercial township in that place. The whole process is very hard for anyone to imagine, this is where animated and architectural walkthrough will enable prospective clients to see how the township will shape up and finally invest money in it.
Whether its architecture or animation they are all creative domains and both complement each other, architectural walk through projects have created many job opportunities in the field of animation. This has resulted in architectural walkthrough being included in the course curriculum of 3D animation institute in India. A recent educational survey has found that the number of students enrolling for animation courses have been rapidly growing. It has been noted that even architects and civil engineers are enrolling for short term courses in animation followed by an advanced diploma in 3D animation. This added knowledge gives them an extra boost to their career and makes their profile all the more dynamic.
It has also been observed that the 3D animation institutes in India are also churning out every year a crop of students who move on to specialize in 3D rendering and creation of architectural walk through. These breed of animation artist are becoming an asset for the real estate companies. There are many creative agencies as well who specialize in 3D rendering and architectural walk through projects.

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Multimedia opens several avenues for success

The spectrum of multimedia is getting dynamic over the years. Multimedia has emerged as a very effective medium of communication and the popularity of multimedia is growing by leaps and bounds. Multimedia is doing wonders as a marketing tool and in the process has also opened many job opportunities.
Small and medium enterprises have been able to reap maximum benefits from multimedia for their brand building needs. Multimedia confluences very easily with web based applications and a growing number of entities are applying multimedia techniques in their own websites as well as affiliate sites for marketing needs. The growing use of multimedia has opened several job openings in this sector. A cosmopolitan place like Delhi comprises business enterprises of every capacity, starting from MNCs to one man run organizations and since they all need multimedia, therefore the job opportunities in a place like Delhi is also immense. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for multimedia courses in Delhi. Delhi being the capital acts like a magnet for people from all over Northern India.
A comprehensive multimedia course would involve training on graphics, it would teach the use of software like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw and Illustrator. Students are then taught on story boarding, which is important for synchronizing the message that has to be communicated through multimedia. Story boarding is followed by lessons on animation that infuses life into still images. Animation brings motion to the whole process; there are two popular animation techniques namely 2D and 3D. Multimedia students are also taught about sound, linear and non linear editing.
There are several forms of multimedia, when we are talking about multimedia at a larger level it would encompass graphically animated movies, games and laser shows. Multimedia advertisements are a big hit these days in electronic and digital media. There are instances when even corporate movies are made in the multimedia format. Games have always been very popular and they are also a part of the growing family of multimedia. They are clubbed as non-linear multimedia because progress of the media is controlled by the viewer. Laser shows have emerged as a highly entertaining medium for wholesome family entertainment, the recent laser show that was displayed during the opening ceremony of the IPL 2010 stands as an example to this. A laser show infused with sound and music is also clubbed under multimedia.
Thus it can be convincingly concluded that multimedia is the future and it opens several avenues for success.

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You can enter in the animation industry with even a small step

Animation is a relatively new career option and there are many doubts related to it. If somebody is bothering about job opportunities then let me correct at the onset by saying that there are several job opportunities. Because today we are surrounded by media and animation finds place in every form of media.
Most people are not sure about the qualities that are needed to be an animation artist, do one need to have grounding in fine arts? Well the answer is that it is better if an individual is from a fine arts background, but that is not a hard and fast rule. An individual can make a beginning in the animation industry even with a 3D animation diploma in India.
A 3D animation diploma is the first step to the animation industry, under this diploma program students are first taught on the basics of the different software like photoshop, coral draw and illustrator to name a few and after this they gradually progress to the higher fields. How much a student will be taught about the higher fields in animation in a diploma program varies from institute to institute. There are few who would just give a basic grounding and there are some who would give as much as training as you would get while doing a degree program in animation.
The higher fields comprise working on flash, story boarding, developing scenes bringing in motion and so on and so forth. Animation is a field full of opportunities; if you are competent you can grab them. Records suggest that students from every background join the animation training classroom. There is no hard and fast rule that only a seasoned graphic artist, who wants to brush up his knowledge can do a diploma in 3D animation, even a newbie can also join this program. It is advisable to undergo a short certificate course before taking admission in a 3D animation diploma. This would ensure that your learning curve moves smoothly without any hiccup.

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Scope of Advanced diploma in 3D animation

Students with a basic foundation in animation or those who have undergone the short term certificate programmes are apt to purse an advanced diploma in 3D animation. Maya Animation of Advanced Cinematics offer two types of advanced diploma in 3D animation, one is suitable for the seasoned animation artists and another is meant for those with reasonable understanding of animation. The advanced diploma in 3D animation of MAAC has been so nicely planned that even freshers can also take admission in it.
The advanced diploma in 3D animation makes a student complete pro in animation and after that several doors of opportunities will open up for them. The training curriculum of advanced diploma in 3D animation comprises tutorials on digital film making, 3D fundamentals and CG Complete. The last part of the training programme comprises specialization in one of the below mentioned topics like Modeling, Lighting, Rigging, Animation and Visual Effects.
MAAC has been always been the torch bearer and has offered innovative concepts to its students due to its background of being one of the largest production studios in the country. It has been largely observed that the job scenario in the animation studios all over the world demands specialized skills on the part of the animation artists because it is the age of division of labour, jack of all and master of none doesn’t work. The animation industry today offers ample opportunities in every division, therefore after weighing all the aforementioned conditions MAAC decided to introduce the element of specialization in its advanced diploma in 3D animation.

The curriculum is designed in such a manner that over a course of time students will get thorough grounding, expert training and certification in his/her desired topic of specialization. The course comprises three Semesters of general skill, software training and a choice from one of the specialized subjects. The experienced faculty in MAAC will guide the students on the choice of specialization based on the student's aptitude shown over the first two semesters of the course. A good match of aptitude and specialization results in a gifted animation artists.
The advanced diploma in 3D animation is validated by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the students will be conferred a dual authenticated certificate by MAAC and CIE.

Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation